Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homemade Floor Cleaner-chemical free

Homemade Floor Cleaner-All Natural

I've been trying to rid our home of harsh chemicals.
One of the biggest places where we find those is in our cleaning products.
Just like with a recipe I've been doing some research and then creating my own formula.
I've been using this floor cleaner for about a month. I am so impressed with the cleaning ability and fresh clean know real clean not chemical smell.
I use this on my vinyl flooring.  I'm sure it would work great on tile as well.
You may want to check with the manufacture of the floor you have before using.
Hope you enjoy this as much as I have.
Carla <><

Washing Soda, Dish Soap, Distilled White Vinegar, Juice of one lemon

Place 1/4 Cup Washing Soda, 1 TB Clear Liquid Dish Soap, Juice of one Lemon, 1/4 Vinegar, 
 This will foam and bubble for a few seconds

Add 2 Gallons Hot Water

You are ready to scrub away the dirt and grim
Notice my small brush..this is perfect for along the base boards, grates, toilets, and doors
Any where you get a build up of dirt and grim. Or that pesky spot that the mop just won't get.

Homemade Floor Cleaner-Chemical Free:

1/4 Cup Washing Soda (not baking soda)
1 TB Clean Liquid Dish Soap
Juice of one Lemon
1/4 Cup White Distilled Vinegar
2 Gallons Hot Water

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