Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuffed Shells

{Stuffed Shells}

This is one I've made for years. It is very tasty.
This time of year I love to use fresh herbs from my garden.
This is a wonderful recipe to freeze.
Just lay it out the morning you want to cook them.
Serve with a simple salad and some bread.
Hope you enjoy!
Carla <><

Jumbo Shells, Italian Sausage, Ricotta Cheese, Sour Cream, Parmesan Cheese, Italian Cheese Blend, 1 Egg, Basil, Parsley, Salt, Pepper, and Marinara Sauce

These pans I get at Sam's Club are wonderful.
They are perfect for easy clean up, freezer meals, and for delivering meals.

Cook the sausage and grind in food processor or blender.
You could skip this step. I learned this trick from my momma.
It makes perfect sausage gravy and stuffed shells :)

Place the Ricotta Cheese, Sour Cream, Italian Cheese, Egg,
Herbs, and Salt and Pepper in bowl.

Add sausage

Mix Well

Have the water boiling while you make the filling.
Cook pasta

Heat the marinara sauce
Assembly Line
Shells, Stuffing, Pan

Stuff and Place in pan

Cover with Marinara and Cheese
Ready for the Oven, Fridge, or Freezer

Bake 350' for 30-45min- covered
Uncover 10-15 min -til bubbly

Stuffed Shells:

20 cooked Jumbo Shells
1 Jar Marinara Sauce
1 Pkg Italian Sausage
Ricotta Cheese 15oz
1/2 Cup Sour Cream
1 Cup Italian Blend Shredded Cheese
1/3 Cup Parmesan Cheese
1 Egg -beaten
Basil- to taste ( I used fresh from my Herb Garden-you can use dried)
Parsley - to taste I used fresh from my Herb Garden- you can use dried
Salt & Pepper -to taste

1. Boil Water - Cook Pasta
2. Cook Sausage- Grind (you could make it meatless)
3. Place Cheeses, Herbs, Salt and Pepper, Sausage, Egg into bowl
4. Fill Shells - Place in pan
5. Cover with sauce and cheese
6. Bake 350' 30-45 min- covered/ Uncover 10-15 min
7. Enjoy!

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  1. Look yummy - definitely brings back memories of childhood. I remember several of our neighbors always brought stuffed shells to gatherings.

  2. Thank you! They were very yummy last night.
    I think grinder the sausage makes them sooo good!
    Carla <><

  3. I love stuffed shells - I have always put the meat in the sauce - I think this looks delicous, I will make them this way next time.

  4. I cooked this tonight for my husband's birthday using your recipe, he loved it. Thank you so much for posting online!!! God bless!

  5. Stormie,
    That's wonderful. I'm so glad you enjoyed them.
    Have a great day!
    Carla <><