Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Bake Energy Balls

No Bake Energy Ball

These are always in my freezer.  This is a great afternoon snack.
Very little sugar and lots of wholesome ingredients.
They are quick and easy to whip up.
Hope you enjoy!
Carla <><

Old Fashion Oats, Flax Seed, Shredded Coconut, Cinnamon, Honey, Chocolate Chips, Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, Vanilla

Place all ingredients into large bowl

Mix Well- Then refrigerate at least 30 min

Roll into balls.
(I freeze them on the platter and then place in a plastic bag)

No Bake Energy Balls:

1 Cup Old Fashion Oats
1/2 Cup Peanut Butter
1/3 Cup Honey (local honey is best)
1/2 Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup Flax Seed (I use half ground/half whole)
2/3 Cup Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla
dash of salt

{Makes about 14 balls}

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Easy Cheese Tortellini & Chicken Dish

{Easy Cheese Tortellini Chicken Dish}

It's HOT outside.  I mean HOT!
I love to cook but on these hot days we need a quick and easy meal that does not require heating up the house.  Look no further for tomorrow nights dinner.
This is a hit with everyone in my family and also gets rave reviews at potlucks.
Stay cool and enjoy
Blessings, Carla  <><

Cheese Tortellini, Roma Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese, Spinach, and Garlic

2-3 Chicken Breast or 1 tube Italian Sauasage
Cubed and browned  

Cook Tortellini

Toss Chicken, Spinach, Tortellini, Tomatoes, Garlic, and Parmesan 
We add a little Olive Oil to make it all stick

Perfect Summer Supper!

Easy Cheese Tortellini and Chicken Dish:

1 Bag Cheese Tortellini
2-3 Chicken Breasts- cubed and browned
Spinach - as much as you like
3 Roma Tomatoes Cubed
Garlic (we use 2 cloves)
Parmesan Cheese -lots :)
Olive Oil

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Easy Homemade Mashed Potatoes

Making homemade mashed potatoes are not hard!
They are very easy and can be made ahead and frozen for later.
Check out this simple recipe below.

Wash and Peel Potatoes

Cube Potatoes (this is help them cook faster)

Just cover potatoes with water

Boil until tender

Strain water

Add butter, sour cream, heavy cream or milk, and salt and pepper to taste

Just add until you get the taste you like

Mash and serve
Or place in an freezer safe container until ready to reheat

{Homemade Mashed Potatoes}

Potatoes -washed and peeled
Sour Cream
Heavy Cream (or milk)
Salt and Pepper

*Great tip*
Did you know once you cover the potatoes with water they will stay fresh for a few hours
Make them up early to save a step later :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Chicken and Wine Sauce {Slow-Cooker}

{Chicken in Wine Sauce}

It's no April Fools joke!! It's a blog post :)
This is one of my favorite slow-cooker meals.
We served this dish at our wedding. It is a true crowd pleaser.
The chicken turns out super tender. You can also add potatoes and carrots for a complete meal.
Hope you enjoy!
Carla <><

Chicken Breasts, Cream of Celery, Cream of Chicken, White Wine
*If you don't feel comfortable using or buying wine you can use white cooking sherry*

Place chicken breasts into lightly greased crock-pot

Add Cream of Chicken, Cream of Celery, and Wine
Cover and Cook low 8 hrs. 
If you are home you can stir occasionally.   

This sauce is wonderful over mashed potatoes and baked potatoes.

Chicken and Wine Sauce:

4-5 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 Can Cream of Chicken
1 Can Cream of Celery
1/2 Cup White Wine

1) Place Chicken in lightly greased slow-cooker
2) Add Soups and Wine (potatoes and carrots) *optional
3) Cook low 8 hrs
4) Enjoy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Family

Just wanted to share our family picture.
Life is busy.  The blog is not important.  My family is.
I find it harder to keep up on the laundry and put dinner on the table these days. :)
So snapping pictures just is not going to happen.... I have recipes I would love to share..another day.
Many Blessings!
Carla <><

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Baby and a Full Life

New Baby and a Full Life

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.
Life has been full and flying by these past few months
My sister in law was married in October, Fall Parties, Holidays, and the birth of our newest family member.
Thank you so much for all who praying for me.  This was my first all natural labor and delivery and it was wonderful!!  I would NEVER have another baby any other way!
I hope to blog some recipes soon...but with homemaking, homeschooling, nursing a baby, and keeping up with life. Blogging is way low on the list.  I love it..I just don't have time for it :)
Enjoy the pictures!
Carla <><

Big Brother

Big Sister

Wedding Day Fun

My dear friend Tiffany...all our children are very close in age :)
Her 4 and my 3 ;)  It is now 7 kids to 2 mommas!!

Our sweet baby boy

One month!! How time flies