Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Family Meal

The Family Table:

Do you know the average number of times US families eat together per week?

4 times...and 10% of families only 2 times a week.

According to numerous studies, families who eat meals regularly together build strong relationships.
Children do better in school, have better nutrition, are better adjusted and communicate better with one another.

As a wife and mother The Family Meal is very special to me.
One of the biggest reasons why I started this blog was to encourage ladies to cook for the family.
To equipt you with some recipes and encouragement!
I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner in my home. I put lots of love into my cooking.
We sit down EVERY night as a family. It is one of the most important times of our day.
The meals don't have to be fancy or take lots of time.
Yes, it is work. I have learned that part of motherhood (and life) is service.
But look at all those benefits....

Better Communication

Better Nutrition

Better Adjusted

Better Academics

Better Relationships

Make today the day you choose to serve the family with a meal.
Start simple...Start Today.

For some tips on my meal planning click here

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  1. Carla, I love this post. We enjoy the family meal table so much.

    Thanks for linking up to Domestically Divine.