Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Baby and a Full Life

New Baby and a Full Life

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.
Life has been full and flying by these past few months
My sister in law was married in October, Fall Parties, Holidays, and the birth of our newest family member.
Thank you so much for all who praying for me.  This was my first all natural labor and delivery and it was wonderful!!  I would NEVER have another baby any other way!
I hope to blog some recipes soon...but with homemaking, homeschooling, nursing a baby, and keeping up with life. Blogging is way low on the list.  I love it..I just don't have time for it :)
Enjoy the pictures!
Carla <><

Big Brother

Big Sister

Wedding Day Fun

My dear friend Tiffany...all our children are very close in age :)
Her 4 and my 3 ;)  It is now 7 kids to 2 mommas!!

Our sweet baby boy

One month!! How time flies

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  1. Aww a lot of cuteness! What a great family picture! So sweet how alert little man is in the last one. And love his little smirk with sis. You worked hard for a different pregnancy and delivery experience this time around, so you deserve every bit of the wonderfulness it's brought! So proud of you! Can't wait to get our gang together again. Hugs.