Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

{Buffalo Chicken Pizza}

Another one of our favorite homemade pizza's
I still love my White Pizza the best. This is a close second.
My hubby would say this is his favorite.
This is a total GUY Pizza. Great for football season.
Hope you all enjoy.
Carla <><

Buffalo Chicken, Italian Cheese, Blue Cheese Dressing, Hot Sauce,
Ranch Dressing, Catalina Dressing, Pizza Dough

Cook the Chicken according to the package.
As many as you prefer

Spread Ranch Dressing and Catalina Dressing over Pizza Crust

Top with Italian Cheese- I also use fresh Parmesan

Top with chicken-cubed

Add Blue Cheese Dressing

Add Hot Sauce 

Bake 400' until brown and bubbly

(I love it with fresh ranch dressing drizzled over top)

Buffalo Chicken Pizza:

Ranch Dressing
Catalina Dressing
Buffalo Chicken
Italian Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Blue Cheese Dressing
Hot Sauce


1. Cook Chicken
2. Roll out Pizza Dough
3. Top with Ranch & Catalina Dressings
4. Top with Italian Blend Cheese
5. Top with Buffalo Chicken
6. Top with Blue Cheese Dressing and Hot Sauce
7. Bake 400' until brown and bubbly

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  1. Neat recipe! I love white pizza, but your using the dressings as the sauce really sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing!!

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