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Chicken Stir Fry

{Chicken Stir Fry}

Quick. Easy. Healthy. Delicious
I never use the sauce pkg. included in the Frozen Veggies.
I create my own. I know exactly what goes into it.
You will use this recipe time and again.
Hope you enjoy.
Carla <><

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, Stir Fry Frozen Veggies, Fresh Veggies, Teriyaki Sauce, Soy Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Seasoning.

Cube Chicken

I use Pampered Chef Seasoning:
Jamaican Jerk & Asian Seasoning
you can find similar seasoning in the spice isle at the local grocery

Brown the chicken in Olive Oil. Add Seasoning. Add Garlic. Continue to brown.

Add the frozen veggies. Add Fresh Veggies.
You can use whatever you like.  I love broccoli, peppers, green beans and green onions.

Take a turn around the pan with the Teriyaki and Soy Sauce. I also add a little water.

Cook some minute rice. gather brown sugar, Parmesan cheese, and tortillas

Cover and Sir often

My secret ingredient. Peanut Butter
It just gives it that "something extra" and thickens up the sauce
Stir in the goodness

Here is how you prepare.
Rice. Brown Sugar. Stir Fry. Parmesan Cheese.

Serve with warm flour tortillas.

Chicken Stir Fry:

1/2 a bag (37oz) of Frozen Stir Fry Veggies
2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Fresh Garlic-2 cloves
Fresh Veggies
Soy Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Brown Sugar
Flour Tortillas
1 TB Peanut Butter


1. Brown Chicken
2. Add Seasoning and Garlic
3.  Add Vegetables
4. Add Soy and Teriyaki Sauce- plus a little water (1/3 cup)
5. Cover and Stir Frequently
6. Add Peanut Butter- stir well
7. Cook until veggies are tender
8. Serve with rice, brown sugar, and tortillas

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