Monday, October 8, 2012

Chicken Fajita Dip

{Chicken Fajita Dip}

This is an easy dip that can be put together in very little time.
Perfect for a football game or before party snack.
It just takes a few ingredients that you may already have on hand.
Try this one soon!
Carla <><

Cream Cheese, Salsa, Mexican Style Cheese, Chicken Strips

Place everything into a microwave safe bowl

Melt all ingredients together for about 3-4 min.
Stirring every minute

Now enjoy...see simple!

Chicken Fajita Dip:

1 1/2 Cup Mexican Style Cheese
1 pkg Cream Cheese
3/4 Cup salsa (any salsa will do)
1 pkg Chicken Strips- chopped (southwester or fajita style)

Place all ingredients into a microwave safe bowl.
Heat, Stir, Serve

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