Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As I was cleaning the house the other day I found myself in the bathroom to put away lotion. As I opened the small cupboard out fell the box of Q-Tips. Leaving about 20-25 of them on the floor to pick up. Now this may not have been a big deal, however I had picked up those very same Q-Tips at least 4 times in the past week.
All at once as if to question my frustration I heard the Lord ask me "why don't you move them"? Move them? I then thought about the mess those Q-Tips made every time I opened that cupboard last week. Yet every time I stuffed them right back in the same spot. How many times does God "clean up" our mess?  Yet every time we stay in the same spot. Believe me I moved those Q-Tips that afternoon. No more mess for me to clean up!
Where do we need to move today. Do we need to move past bitterness and anger to forgive. Do we need to move past idol activities and spend time in the word of God and prayer. Do we need to give up something because we know it is not pleasing to the God of ALL. I know that I can answer YES! to a few of those questions. Today I am moving....

"Feeling far from God? Guess who moved?"
Carla <><  read Acts 17:30-31

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