Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I hope this will encourage someone today!

It was a little over eight years ago that my then fiance' took me for a drive one Sunday afternoon. We drove past a house out in the middle of the county and he said "I love that house, have always loved that house" I turned to him and asked "where in the world are we". Being from a small town just like the one I moved to, I knew all about rural areas. However, I had 24 years to know my way around. This area was new to me and a bit overwhelming.

About two weeks later John, overjoyed, called to tell me the house was for rent and we were going to make it our home as husband and wife. After going through the house I learned it was a small two bedroom house with a very small EVERYTHING...from the kitchen to the bathroom. I embraced the journey and two years later we bought that rental house while awaiting the arrival of our firstborn.

Eight years, two babies, and lots of stuff later we are still in that home, yes, now it is my home. We knew at the time we could afford something bigger. We were thinking bigger than that time in our lives. We wanted a family, John and I wanted me to stay home and train our children. We had to look forward and be selfless not selfish. We made and still make sacrifices for this lifestyle.

I must admit that there are days this little house drives me nuts. I love to bake and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. Not always an easy task in a small kitchen. I look at other people's big beautiful homes or beautiful kitchen's and start to feel sorry for myself. Then my God lovingly reminds me He will supply all my needs. The key is needs..NOT WANTS. I want a bigger house. I don't need a bigger house. I don't think that having a big home, or nice things is wrong we just always need to watch our motivations. I know of a mother in Darfur who would give her right arm for my lifestyle.

We continue to save and look forward to the day when we will add onto our home. It will be a blessing to have family get-togethers, host holidays, and just have more than one bathroom. :) However, until then I will trust that the Lord is in control and He knows what is best for me as I try with all my life to live for Him. What is holding you back from doing what God requires..don't be amazed at what God says. Obey His word and trust that He will NEVER let you down.

~Carla <><

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  1. What wonderful thoughts! Thank you for reminding me to be content today!

  2. Keepers of small homes, unite!

  3. I know this is an old post, but I just read it (I found your blog just recently). I just wanted to encourage you as I too live in a very small home. We have four children and live in a 900 sq ft. home; we have for 8 years. Our intentions were for this to be a garage some day and build a new home, plans change ;) We have one large room that is divided by clothes racks and dressers for our bedrooms. One side is for dh and I and the other side is for all 4 children. Yes, it gets cramped and yes, I would love more room, but we were able to build this ourselves and it is now paid for. We are debt free and that is a wonderful feeling. We have learned alot and shared alot because of our small home. I believe it has helped us to be close as a family. We are just now starting to work on our addition and I will be so excited when it is finished. There is a song that I just love about this very thing, "Love Grows Best in Little Houses".

  4. Rashel,
    Thank you! This is an encouragment! I know the Lord is teaching me thru this home. Reminding me to count my blessings and not focus on what I "don't have" but rather on what I DO!!
    I also know and love that song :) Thank you for sharing!!
    Carla <><