Sunday, January 2, 2011

Strawberry Mango Banana Smoothie


In our modern diet we rarely get the fruit and vegetables our bodies need.
One way our families loves to get our fruit is with smoothies.
I can even sneak in spinach from time to time..shhh!!

This is a very quick breakfast or lunch idea for all you moms out there.
You will love it because you can prep a lot of the steps ahead of time. see how here

You can also make so many variations on smoothies.
Here is my favorite!

Strawberry/Mango/Banana Smoothie:

Frozen Strawberries 5-6
Frozen Mango 3-4  slices
1 Banana
Mango Juice- to desired consistency
Plain Yogurt- 2 heaping tablespoons
Orange Juice Concentrate- 2 tsp or more to make it sweeter

I'll show you how I prep and store my fruit in an upcoming blog.
It will save you time and money.
I know you are going to love the smoothie...Remember you can add all different types of fruit.
My husband loves to add blueberries and less juice to create a sorbet.  All in the bullet.
Let me know what fruits you enjoy and how much you love these smoothies



  1. I'm electing you as the official smoothie expert for the OBX trip! They will be great with those bagels! :)

  2. I LOVE blogs with pictures! You rock! Now can you tell me how to get my kids to drink smoothies in the winter? They guzzle them in the summer.

  3. I don't have trouble getting them to drink them. My biggest problem is making enough :)

    Gina-I'll pack the bullet :)

  4. Right now I'm wishing I had these fruits in the house; that sounds and looks amazing!